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Our Services

Our Services

We honor ourselves on equipping leading edge software solutions. Our eminent performance services explicitly aid all sized companies who wish to yield a competitive edge over other companies in their field at a nominal cost. Using Sathaga Primal Software Services, you can commute your business towards enriched profitability and rapid growth by engineering innovative solutions for emerging business.


Our concept is to provide an quick application development process mainly focusing on agile methodologies. Articulates the benefit of applying patterns when implementing cloud applications, especially when they will be hosted in Windows Azure. Help to measure the problems that the software patterns address, and how these relate to web based applications. Excellence experience to demonstrate and implement features of Windows Azure, emphasizing benefits and considerations. Our team specialise in portrays the big picture by showing an appropriate technology stack which fit into cloud application architecture.


We specialize in building applications across different domains and work with latest technologies and tools in order to build quality products. Our effective and efficient process-driven developments prove to be cost effective for our clients. We ensure that the applications we build meet business objectives and are scalable. Our software engineers have a wealth of experience is building web applications.


Our technical team well known for digital transformation consulting services, cloud consulting services, hands-on agile development consulting services, and IT operation services.


Our expertise on technologies in Microsoft platform, Open Source tools, both SQL and NoSQL databases and Azure Cloud Services make us an effective solution provider for building quality applications. We strive continuously keeping an eye on the industry and equip ourselves based on the demands.

About us

As a company our business philosophy and aim is to build a custom tailored long-term affiliation with each client. Our Software Services are one solution centre with comprehensive expertise managing whole projects with end-to-end engagements, delivering immense quality level of service at all times. Our vision is to revolutionise how businesses function so they can accomplish their business vision. Our mission is to bestow organization globally with consolidated structure that convey remarkable competence to run their business. Sathaga Software Services developing innovative products with high quality on agreed timescales. Our goal is to provide solutions that assist our customers in delivering a high performance capabilites. Excellent competence in various software development technologies and best practices. Our approach is to build complete flexibility and agility within the structuring of any number of requirements to suit individual client expectations. It also allows continued shaping and tuning to allow the system to grow and adapt to client changing needs.

Who We Are

We are specialised in building software for people who have managed leases and other contracts for a very long time. Our current solution technologically overwhelmed by assisting clients in dividing leases by contract and asset type using a variety of templates. Our calculation algorithms with leasing payment lines were highly sophisticated during the event of asset addition and removal.

What We Do

Always help to provide simple solutions with cost effective ways. Our team specialise in enterprise level systems mainly looking to agility which ignites the solid microservices architecture developed and deployed independently of one another.

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